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Emergency funds are an excellent way to be prepared when some unforeseen circumstance requires you to shell out a chunk of cash. Since many people don’t have an emergency stash, they have to rely on whatever money they currently have. If the situation requires big bucks, your cash on hand won’t be enough. You can make up the imbalance by getting title loans in Independence. There is no hassle, and you can get the money in a matter of hours.

What are Independence Title Loans?

Your car, truck or whatever vehicle is parked in your driveway has one main purpose, which is to provide transportation. But, it also serves another purpose, which is to get you the cash you need. Apply for title loans in Independence, give the lender the title paper, and receive cash. You won’t need go through a credit check because title lenders are not using your credit history to approve the loan. When you pay the money back, you get your title back.


  • Own the vehicle used as collateral
  • Be at least 18 and have proof of identification
  • Have a job or another source of income, such as alimony or retirement benefits

Applications for Title Loans Independence

Applications for title loans in Independence are uncomplicated, which is wonderful if you hate dealing with paperwork. There are not multiple pages asking for specific information about your employment, bank accounts and reasons for wanted a loan. All you’ll provide is the make, model, style, year and mileage of your vehicle. Give us your name and tell us how to contact you, and submit your application.

Almost immediately, you get a loan estimate, and we can start work on your final loan package. Provide a few more details to round out the process, such as where you work or where you get an income, and we can finish quickly. Money could be handed over to you before the day is over.

Legal Information

Borrowers may incur interest charges up to 30 percent. Lenders may repossess a vehicle if an account is delinquent. They must tell the borrower before collecting the vehicle. If the vehicle is to be sold to recover the loan debt, the lender must tell the borrower when and where the sale occurs. Money from the sale goes to the lender first so they can recover the outstanding loan balance and fees. Left over money goes to the borrower.

Benefits of Car Title Loans in Independence, OH

Title loan benefit fall into two categories: what you get and what you don’t get. What you get is the convenience of online applications that are simple, easy and available any time of the day or night. You also get rapid loan processing without a credit check. And, you get the money as fast as possible, which is usually within hours for most borrowers. Because you need your car to get around, you get to keep it while paying off the loan.

What you don’t get is a long, drawn out process to get Independence and Cleveland title loans because most often handed out in a day or less. You don’t get to worry that your credit score won’t be good enough to get a loan because title loans are collateral-based. You don’t have to pack up your things and pawn them to get cash. You don’t have to ask people you know for money. That means you also don’t get judgment and criticism over how you handle money or advice on how to better manage money, and you don’t open yourself up to the possibility that other people will discuss your financial troubles behind your back.

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