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Title loans in Cleveland Heights aren’t just for people who need money to catch up on their bills or pay for medical costs their insurance didn’t cover. Anyone who wants money can get it, even if it’s for something like a television or gaming system or to get tickets to the big game. Title lenders are ready to give you money, and we won’t ask you reasons for applying.

What are Cleveland Heights Title Loans?

Usually, a person puts money into their vehicle, and the only thing they get from it is transportation. But, with title loans in Cleveland Heights, a person can actually use their car, truck or motorcycle to put extra money in their pocket. Fortunately, they don’t have to sell their vehicle, but they do need to use it as collateral. With its high value, a car is great loan security. Title lenders accept vehicle collateral in exchange for cash. They put a temporary lien on the vehicle and hold the title while the loan is active. When the borrower pays them back, the title is returned to them, and the lien is pulled.


Eighteen is as young as the law allows applicants to be, and they must own the car they’re using as collateral. It’s great if a friend will let you use their vehicle, but you need to actually own the car and have proof of ownership. Applicants also need to work or get money elsewhere so they can afford their loan payments. Check credits are not a requirement of title loans, which means any type of credit score history is fine.

Title Loans Cleveland Heights Applications

We often say that most of our clients get their loans approved and distributed in less than a day, but in reality, it usually happens a lot faster than that. It’s because our process is streamlined for efficiency, and it begins with the application. You’ll be surprised by how fast you finish. In only minutes, you’ll give us your name and contact info, and we’ll get enough info about your car to make a loan offer. When we discuss a loan package, it takes a little bit longer, but not much. After we finalize everything, you can turn in the title, sign your paperwork, and get cash money.

Title Loan Benefits

In addition to rapid loan approval and processing, and the really fast cash distribution, title loans are great stress relievers. Think about how stressful it is to be broke or nearly broke, but you still owe lots of money, and you can’t put food on the table. That type of stress is very unhealthy. Now, think about how much better you will feel when you get money to take care of those things. There is no need for you to remain in a state of stress and anxiety when title loans in Cleveland are available to make your life easier.

You don’t have traipse down to the pawn shop with a trunk full of valuables to get money. All it takes for a title lender is one vehicle, but if you go to a pawn shop, be prepared to pawn multiple items. And, be prepared to say goodbye to those things until you pay back the money. Get a title loan, and you get the cash and the car. We don’t deprive you of transportation just because we gave you a loan. You get to keep driving so that your daily routine remains the same.

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