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Having great health insurance doesn’t meant your policy covers everything. While you may be used to co-pays, you might be shocked to get a bill for an emergency room visit that was denied by your insurer or for an MRI or similar test that your insurance company decides was unnecessary. If you’re on the hook for unexpected medical expenses, get some extra money to help you pay the bill with title loans in Bedford.

What are Bedford Title Loans?

Title loans in Bedford allow consumers to get money by placing their vehicle with the lender as collateral. Title papers go to the lender, and money goes to the borrower. Clients get to keep the actual vehicle while making loan payments. While the loan is active, the lender has a lien against the vehicle. When the loan is paid in full, the lien is pulled, and the lender gives the title back to the customer. All title loan approvals and processing are done without a credit check. No one is going to be rejected for a title loan because their credit score is too low.

You must be 18 or older to apply for a title loan. You need to own the vehicle you’re using as collateral, and your name needs to be under the owner title on the registration documents. Also needed is an income through a job or another source. You have to be able to afford loan payments.

Applications for Title Loans Bedford

Start your path to easy cash with our simple application for title loans in Cleveland and Bedford. Mere minutes is all it takes, and we’ll give you an estimate of the loan money waiting for you to collect. If it’s a number you like, we can work on a loan package that includes payments that work for your budget. Finalizing everything won’t take long, which means you can get your money as quick as possible.

Ohio Legal Information

Max interest rate is 30 percent. Lenders have to tell borrowers before repossessing or selling the customer’s vehicle. They also have to let the customer know when and where the vehicle sale happens. Money from the sale goes to repay the loan debt and any expenses the lender incurred from repossessing and selling the vehicle. Excess money from the sale goes to the borrower.


We give you the money you want very fast, and that’s great for everyone, regardless of whether they need the cash for an emergency or for a special treat. We also approve our loans easily, and that works especially well for people with low credit scores. Instead of being rejected for financing because of their credit history, as they typically are at traditional lending institutions, they are welcomed by title lenders. And, they are usually approved for a loan.
Title loans let you avoid two other methods of getting money that are inconvenient and possibly embarrassing. The first is going to a pawn shop. Imagine how much time you’ll spend gathering your valuables and taking them to be pawned. Depending upon how much money you need, you could be talking about quite a few items. You will get money, but the pawn shop keeps your stuff until you pay them back. The other funding method is family and friends. It’s great to have loved ones who have your back when you need help, but it can be embarrassing to tell people you are struggling financially. Even people care about you can sometimes be critical or judgmental in situations like yours. Avoid that, and take the easy route to cash with title loans in Bedford.

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