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Money problems make any other problem in life even worse, and all of them conspire to give you grief and grey hair. Getting money can solve or improve some of these bad situations, but you have to know where to get the cash. Title loans in Bedford Heights are one option that keeps things simple, and works fast on your behalf.

What are Title Loans in Bedford Heights?

Title loans are a very basic way to get a loan. Just use the vehicle you already own to secure the loan. Give the lender your title certificate, and they will put a short-term lien on your vehicle. Once you pay back the money, you’ll get the title back and the lien removed. Adding to the simplicity of title loans is the lack of a credit check. Title lenders want to help as many people as possible, including those with bad credit, so they offer loans without a credit check.


A car, truck or other vehicle is the main requirement for title loans in Bedford Heights, and the vehicle must be owned by the applicant. Lenders need to know the applicant can afford to pay the loan back, so the applicant needs a job or gets an income from another source, such as unemployment benefits. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Applications for Title Loans Bedford Heights

Less than five minutes is all you need to spare to fill out our application for title loans in Bedford Heights. As soon as you do, you’ll get a loan estimate, and you get to decide how to proceed. We don’t pressure you to accept the loan, but if you choose to, we’ll start on a final loan package right away. This includes getting details about your income and specifics about your vehicle. Before long, you are turning in the title certificate, signing your loan agreement and collecting your cash.

Legal Information

Lenders are required to give borrowers advance notice when the borrower’s car will be repossessed for non-payment of a loan debt. The lender must also tell the borrower the location and time when the vehicle will be sold, as well as how much money the borrower owes the lender. Proceeds of the vehicle sale go the lender to satisfy the outstanding loan balance and fees, and any money left over will go to the borrower.


Bedford Heights and Cleveland title loans not only get you money when you need it most, the money comes extremely fast. Compared to bank loans, which can take many days or weeks to approve or deny, title loans are wrapped up in just hours for most applicants. One reason things move so swiftly is that title lenders don’t need to run your credit. Our loans are built on collateral that you provide, which means you’re putting your valuable property on the line. There is no need to check your credit worthiness. You don’t want to lose your property, so you’re going to be diligent about making loan payments.

Sometimes your payments may be in danger of being late. We understand that things happen, but talk to us about your situation. If you think you might not be able to pay off the loan in time, we can extend the deadline or renew the loan so you have more time.
Driving is like a little bit of freedom because it allows you to go where you want whenever you want. Just because you got a title loan doesn’t mean you need to lose that freedom, which is way your lender lets you keep the car.

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